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Richard Urban


CIRSS Publications

Wickett, K. M., Urban, R. J., & Renear, A. H. (2012). Towards a Logical Form for Descriptive Metadata [poster]. In Proceedings of the 2012 iConference (pp. 574-575). ACM. doi:10.1145/2132176.2132294 Read more

Urban, R. (2010, October 22-27). Principle violations: Revisiting the Dublin Core 1:1 principle. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T), Pittsburgh, PA. Read more

Wickett, K., Renear, A., & Urban, R. (2010, October 22-27). Rule categories for collection/item metadata relationships. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T), October 22-27, 2010, Pittsburgh, PA. Read more

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February 13, 2012
CIRSS Researchers at iConference 2012
CIRSS faculty, students and staff attended the 2012 iConference (, an annual gathering information scholars, researchers and practitioners led by the iSchools consortium of information schools (http://...

CIRSS Events

September 28, 2011
The DLF-DCC Linked Data Prototype for the Digital Public Library of America
This ERRT session will review the efforts to translate IMLS Digital Collection and Content collection-level XML records into Linked Data.

• Mapping from XML to RDF/XML syntaxes
• Analyzing Collection-level metadata patterns using ...

September 7, 2011
Meditations on the Logical Form of a Metadata
Open linked data and semantic technologies promise support for information integration and inferencing. But taking advantage of this support often requires that the information currently carried by ordinary "colloquial" metadata records be made ...

May 25, 2011
Linked Open Data for Libraries
Richard Urban will participate in the Linked Open Data for Libraries Archives and Museums Summit in June. This ERRT will introduce attendees to the Linked Data movement and the W3C Linked Library Data Incubator. At the Summit Urban will be leading a discu ...

March 16, 2011
Progress Report: Revisiting the Dublin Core 1:1 Principle
The Dublin Core 1:1 Principle exhorts metadata creators to create descriptions that describe one, and only one resource. But how is that that metadata describes anything at all, let alone one and only one thing? This session will explore how traditional p ...

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